Aztec Logo

I came up with this logo of a shiny gold aztec deity, while experimenting with making metallic looking vectors and text in Photoshop. I didn’t have a use for it in mind, but it looks good on a t-shirt.

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Dime Motion Logo

Made a graphic just for fun to try out an idea I had, using Dime as a placeholder, because if it looked good I figured I could ask Dime if they wanted to use it for an upcoming t-shirt or something. They liked it but unfortunately, they never ended up using it.

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Dime Dragon Logo

Another concept made for Dime. It’s a remake of a stylized logo from the early 2000s Dragons line of toys by Mega Bloks. Not only is very striking, both Dime and Mega Bloks are Montreal companies, so it would be a fitting tribute.

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Design Crave Logo

A logo created with the same concept as the previous Wong’s logo but with a different result. I think it has great balance. It was made for a freelance graphic design firm, Design Crave, which never saw the light of day.

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The movie GATTACA heavily revolves around genetic discrimination. The main character, is trying to become an astronaut despite not legally being allowed because he was born naturally and was not genetically modified. His left handedness gives him away, which is why I illustrated a left hand reaching for the space shuttle. Also, the arm unravels into DNA strands to represent the important genetics theme in the movie.

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German Expressionism Darth Maul Poster

Here the goal was to make a poster in German Expressionist style. Influenced by the powerful woodcuts of German Expressionism, we created a jagged Darth Maul portrait. The text translates to: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace This was a group effort, but I was the illustrator of the group’s ideas and Godwin Appiah also helped with the finishing touches.

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Grand Prix Poster

Here I was tasked to create a vector based ad for an event in Montreal, so I chose the F1 Grand Prix. One of the most iconic views from the track is the Biosphere, so I illustrated it in the background of the famous hairpin turn and added two formula one racers.

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Wong's Lion Logo

The spec sheet I created for the lion logo I created for the Wong’s restaurant I made up. It’s a traditional ink style rendition of a Chinese lion dog or shishi. I got the idea after taking a picture of a stone lion statue that flanks the gateways to Montreal’s Chinatown.

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Geometric Line Studies

Line Studies: A handful of graphics made using an array of straight lines and rotation. Straight lines make up everything you see. This is one of my signature type of graphics I love to make.

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Visigoth Poster

A quick vector art of one of my favourite helmets from the video game Destiny, the Visigoth helm. To fill the page, I added copies of the helmet rotated on themselves to create a nice patterned look.

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Easter Island Poster

One of the first things I ever made in Illustrator. Even though the position of the sun doesn't make sense for the shadows, I kept it in because it adds to the atmosphere.

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Self Portrait

A vector based self-portrait. I never did a self-portrait before using Illustrator, so I think this turned out really well. I kind of just figured it out as I went, starting at the neck and face, before moving onto the hair and finally the hoodie and backpack strap. I did everything in grey before adding colour.

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Darth Maul Halftone Graphic

Darth Maul is one of the coolest designed characters of all time. He is also definitely one of my favourite, so I made this halftone graphic of his face. I was inspired by those old Dennis Rodman Nike t-shirts from the 90s.

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Baby Milo Style Portrait

One of many portraits commissioned to emulate the style of BAPE’s popular Baby Milo line of apparel. While simple, I think it represents the client very well

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Wong's Roto Logo

A logo that didn’t make the cut for a concept restaurant I was working on. The logo has a cool, futuristic look, and I love the effect created by copying and rotating the Chinese characters. In the end, the roto logo was too futuristic for the restaurant.

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NOLK Broadcast logo and icons

Logo and icons created for NOLK's Broadcast service. We ended up simplifying the icons drastically through the design process. I personally like some of the earlier icons much better as they had much more character. In general design is going more and more simple everyday, I find everything is starting to look the same.

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