Arc De Triomphe

The underneath of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

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Ramesseum Knight

Product photography of sneakers I designed and got manufactured.

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Cambryan Sedlick at the Dime Street Challenge 2019.

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A stone statue of a "shishi" or chinese guardian lion, at the gates of Chinatown in Montreal.

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Hound of Loches

Lichen covered satue of a hound, at the castle of Loches in France.

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A picture of a chrome sphere, that reminded me of MC Escher's Three Spheres II and Hand with Reflecting Sphere. I intentionally took the picture to capture all 5 people in the reflection.

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Blossoming Flowers. I really liked the shape of the leaves and how they contrasted the flower petals in both color and form.

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Striking red branches covered in drops from the rain. I had never seen a plant like this before, it looked really cool especially with the droplets left by a quick rain storm.

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I took this right before the start of the Dime street challenge 2019, where a few skaters were skating the Vans bowl at the Montreal Olympic Stadium. I was just testing my camera out before the main event when I got this shot of Mark Suciu skating the bowl. I like the composition and contrast of the shot.

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Snow Panorama #1

A panorama of snowy trees, I really like how this shot came out except for how the top of one of the trees is slightly cut.

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Untitled Portrait #1

Pedro Delfino (left) and Leon Chapdelaine at the Dime Street Challenge.

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A photo from a series of 5 photographs of Aime Leon Dore’s collab with New Balance on the 550. This is a model that hasn’t been seen on shelves since 1989. I didn’t edit the original shot too much, I brought out the detail in the cracked leather N logos and heightened the vibrancy of the red. The ALD x New Balance collab sparked a renewed interest for this forgotten sneaker. As a result, New Balance has been releasing more and more new colorways of the shoe.

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Spirit of Ecstacy

A close up shot of the hood emblem of a Rolls Royce Phantom.

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The BMW I8 is probably my favourite car. It is such a great design, plus it’s hybrid so you’re reducing carbon emissions. I find when taking photos the car does most of the work for you, you just have to find good angles. This was taken at the Montreal Salon de L’Auto 2020.

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Close up of a headlight of a BMW. The diffuse reflections on the hood looked cool and contrasted well with the sharp lines of the headlight.

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I took this picture entitled Marsh in France around 2017. I don’t think I ever edited this photo, as the natural colours are super nice. Also, I just really liked the lines created by the foliage that bring your eye across the photo.

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The insole of the Ramesseum knight sneaker. I was working with a small light box and this angle took forever to pull off and get the insole lit up.

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Back in 2010 I took this picture on a trip to France. There were these castle ruins on a hill, in the middle of a small town. The cloudy sky set the perfect mood for the photo.

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I was trying to line up all my photos for the homepage parallax effect of my sole purpose site, when I got this idea to layer shots of different Air Jordan sneakers on each other to create this neat effect. Here you can see the Air Jordan 11s, 1s and 5s.

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A skater noseslides a rail while another looks on, during the 2019 Dime street challenge.

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